Security is about more than protecting your own interests.

Your clients and patients have put their trust in you to protect their privacy too. That’s why so many industries have regulations about data security, and why breaking compliance can leave you wondering how you’ll afford all the fines your business suddenly faces.

Perform your own security audit with Tenfeet now to ensure your clients are safe and your business is compliant:

  • Compliance: We check for potential missed steps in your regulatory compliance, following a checklist appropriate for your industry. Our data access audits help you discover exactly who has access to what information in your business, and ensure no one unauthorized is breaching confidentiality.
  • Infrastructure: Full security solutions to protect your valuable data, including encryption, state-of-the-art firewalls, user authentication, malware protection, password protection, and more.
  • Policy Creation: Ensure you and your staff use your information technology wisely and don’t unknowingly create a compliance breach.
  • Data Backup and Recovery: Solutions put in place to ensure that your clients’ data is safe from potential harm, and helping your business maintain operations in the event of a disaster.

Your business is never more than 10 feet away from disaster.

Don’t take your security for granted – be prepared for anything the future holds with a comprehensive security solution from Tenfeet. Contact us today at (704) 206-8920 or to find the right security for YOUR needs.