Keeping your business safe from harm means using the right security products for your needs.

Not all security solutions are equal, and what may work for your neighbor may not be enough to keep YOU safe.

Rest easy knowing Tenfeet will design and implement the right security infrastructure to shield your business from any harm:

  • Server Protection: Lock down your servers against unauthorized access or potential malware with user authentication, controlled and properly-configured firewalls.
  • Network Design and Installation: Use only the simplest and most effective security products for your network, and trust in Tenfeet to design a cohesive network using the right solutions to ensure no backdoors are left open.
  • 24/7 Monitoring: Keep your networks and email monitored 24/7 to discover unauthorized access or potential problems.
  • Encryption: Keep all your data locked down with encryption that only you have the key for, even if it’s emailed to a client or stored in a cloud server. Even we can’t see your data.
  • Virus and Malware Protection: Rely on a full suite of protection services to keep you safe from malware, including anti-spam for your email, website filtering to avoid harmful web services.

Your business in never more than 1 click away from disaster. Don’t take your security for granted.

Be prepared for anything the future holds with a comprehensive security solution from Tenfeet. Contact us today at (704) 206-8920 or to find the right security for YOUR needs.