Cyber Security Can Be Scary.  We get it and are here to help!

Tenfeet - Proactive, Secure. Compliant.

Cyber Security doesn't have to be scary or expensive.  Our process is simple; we deploy strong security standards that keep your business from getting compromised by ransomware, data loss, insider threat and other risks businesses face daily.  The reality is painfully clear, you are only one click away from a system compromise.

But while staying safe may not be easy, it can be SIMPLE. That’s what Tenfeet is all about: Simple, effective I.T. security for all businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Our Method

1) Contact us.  Talk through your concerns with a trained IT Security Analyst.  During this consultation we will understand your concerns, what compliance regulations you may need to adhere to and formulate a plan to ensure you know you are secure.

2) Receive a flat-fee proposal for a network vulnerability assessment using NIST validated SCAP Assessment methodology giving us concrete data on the health and security gaps of your network. Schedule and perform assessment.  At the end of this session you will receive reporting on the health and gaps in your security, prioritized by severity and aligned with the business goals.

3) Based upon ongoing company needs we can configure your network to adhere with NIST Standards or work with your existing IT to remediate issues and we can schedule an annual assessment.


Don’t take IT security for granted – be prepared for anything the future holds with a comprehensive security solution from Tenfeet IT Security Systems. Contact us at (704) 206-8920 or to find the right security for YOUR needs.


We hear it in the news daily businesses of all sizes are under constant attack every day in all forms, ransomware, insider threat, data loss, healthcare data stolen etc.   Most data breaches go unreported (according to multiple sources) so we can't completely know the true extent of damage caused annually to businesses.  The data that is reported shows that in most cases business suffer irreparable damage in the form of data loss, financial losses or damage to the businesses reputation. These damages come in many forms from natural disasters, cybercriminal attacks, human error or even worse insider threat from a disgruntled employee(s).  All these can be protected against and should be easily detected and responded to quickly.

That’s why we founded Tenfeet. It’s not simply about providing solid IT security: It’s about giving true real-time visibility into the business network and technical assets reducing the time to detect intrusions from years and months to days, hours and minutes.

About Our Talent

We have worked for some of the most protected government agencies in our country. We’ve developed policy, architected, tested, implemented and operated networks that guard the military and federal government information systems. We started out in IT when there was no such thing as an IT security program and helped build that program years ago. We’re passionate about our field and connected within the industry to our peers.

Several years ago, we decided to bring that knowledge and skills to the private sector so they could benefit from our years of experience defending our nations’ secrets. The federal government has an unlimited budget to defend their networks, the private sector doesn’t. Your IT security has to be specific to your business, proportional to the risk and cost effective. This is what we bring to the table.

About Our Principles


Dave is a multi-talented cyber security and threat intelligence professional with 35 years of experience in Threat Intelligence collection, processing, analysis, reporting, and engineering. He has served as Team lead for a national-level government high-security engineering and test team, as a Principal Researcher in Threat Intelligence systems and the Executive Director of Incident Response and Cyber Threat for a Fortune 50 company operating globally.

Dave’s broad skill set includes developing custom code for enterprise audit systems, special-purpose cyber forensic software, and leading large combined-function intelligence analysis and reporting organizations. He assisted the Intelligence Community agencies in adapting NIST cyber security standards for Risk Management and security policy to their highly-sensitive systems.

Dave has worked threat and cyber problems for all DoD component services, and all of the Big Six Intelligence Community members.


Mike is an accomplished professional with 20+ years of experience in Global Network Security, Operations, Management, Security Engineering and Implementation working for both the federal government and fortune 250 companies.

Those organizations include the National Nuclear Security Agency, Department of Energy, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Department of Homeland Security, Defense Information Systems Agency, United States Secret Service, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratory, SM Energy, Las Vegas Sands Corporation and Tech Republic.

He has designed, staffed and implemented Cyber Security departments. Developed policies and implemented integrated risk reduction strategies that included global Security Operations Centers (SOC), Advanced Persistent Threat and Incident Response capability, Network Access Control and Continuous Data Monitoring for multi-level security networks.

He has developed policies to support corporate business strategy and overall cyber security strategic plans for multi-national corporations that incorporate security controls, regulatory compliance and industry best practices. Early in his career, he authored a network security solutions column with over 250 published articles and a worldwide readership of over 100,000 subscribers.

Less than a year ago Mike made the decision to leave the safety and comfort of large corporations and government to work with an emerging security services company and use his broad knowledge to help SMB’s mitigate the cyber security threat to their business in a cost effective, risk based approach.


Kyle is a proven technology strategist with more than 25 years business and consulting Experience. Kyle is the owner of Network Essentials, Managing Partner of Tenfeet and has been active in technology for over 20 years. Kyle is a serial entrepreneur, owning and operating multiple companies from manufacturing to retail before turning to technology.  He currently maintains an active CISSP certification and is experienced in Penetration testing / Ethical Hacking, Social engineering and Information system auditing.

Prior to starting Network Essentials in 2002, Kyle was the system manager for WaveTel serving as Subject Matter Expert (SME) in system integration and VoIP.  During this engagement responsibility include designing, implement, testing and troubleshoot system issues in providing high speed wireless and Voice over IP to residential and SMB markets in North Carolina.