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Most IT companies believe that simply plugging in a firewall and installing an antivirus program will keep your business safe. This is not the case. Regardless of the size of your business, everyone is a target. Cybercriminals are constantly searching for personal information and easy avenues to expand their criminal enterprise of compromised machines. You need a technology security company who understands cybercrime and goes the extra mile to protect your assets.

Cyber Security doesn't need to be scary or expensive. Book your complimentary and risk-free cyber security assessment with Tenfeet now. You will get an empirical look at your current security posture and recommendations on what can be done to make your systems more secure. Call (704) 206-8920.

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Flat-fee IT Security Sevices

Our Flat-fee IT Security Sevices include Unified Security Management, Behavioral Monitoring, Vulnerability Assessment, SIEM and Intrusion Detection.

Security Audits

Security is about more than protecting your own interests. Your clients and patients have put their trust in you to protect their privacy too.

Security and Risk Consulting

It’s easy to think that your security is good enough, but you’ll be in for a nasty surprise the first time a hacker takes even a glance at your system.

Managed Security Infrastructure

Keeping your business safe from harm means using the right security products for your needs. Not all security solutions are equal, and what may work for your neighbor may not be enough to keep YOU safe.

Backups & Business Continuity Planning

Businesses that are hit by disasters that knock out their technology often never fully bounce back, losing so much time and money while trying to recover that many business owners just end up closing their doors.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile technology lets you bring your work with you wherever you go, whether you’re meeting with clients outside the office, visiting a project site, or just working from home or from the local coffee shop.